Wild & Wise

Stay ready for opportunities.

Walking down the street, I pass a house. This big burly guy looks up. He was always working on the house. He sees my camera and says “Hey, what are taking pictures of?” He crosses his front lawn.

Oh oh, I think. “I take landscapes, nature, things like that.”

“Do you get wildlife?”


“I get turkeys in my yard. I own a pond, on the other side of the highway. Want to see it?”

We exchange pleasantries. Ken is retired from the Army. We cross the road and take a small path to the pond. It’s settles back from the road just enough to be a private slice of the wild. “I see eagles here. An occasional bear.” He says I can come here any time. I promise to show him any photos.

That week I drop my limited zoom lens and need a replacement. It’s an 800mm all-purpose zoom, and I take it to Ken’s Pond. There are only a few birds about, then a family of ducks settles in. It’s difficult shooting them from the other side of the pond, even with my new and much improved zoom. Just then a bird with a four-foot wing span swoops in.

I had been trying to get a photo of the great blue heron for years. Occasionally I’d turn a corner at another pond and it would be standing there, and fly off before I could get a camera ready. I must improve upon this skill.

This day, with a new zoom, I had an open studio as it waded and hunted, seeking its own opportunities.




I didn’t see anything to shoot all day. Late in the afternoon, nearly finished my hike, I approached the bridge and some sun shot through the clouds.  The ripples reflected colors, bouncing between their waves.

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