Stories of Success

The greatest companies, the most visionary brands, and the most successful people are great storytellers. Why? Storytelling is our most effective form of communication. It is how we make connections.

Robin story
Speak your truth. We all have stories worth sharing.

We are awash in stories, from books to movies to Netflix and TV. We communicate with stories, and have done so since our ancestors swapped tales of hunts around campfires. If you prefer more Biblical origins, remember that the Bible is touted as “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” Michelangelo wasn’t hired by a pope just to paint pretty frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. His task was to illustrate the stories of the Bible to those who could not read.

Good stories trigger emotions that connect and bond us, enabling us to inspire, motivate and persuade. This is why successful companies are good storytellers. This is why successful people are inspiring storytellers. This is why you should to tell your story—and find ways to share it effectively.

I write stories of success. In business, in life, and in the beauty surrounding us. They are stories to soar, no matter your motive.

Tell your business’ story


Read a sample from

The Really Good Life:

Misadventures in luxury and the success stories that somehow resulted.

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Since the days we first harnessed fireiPhone1
Stories have informed and entertained us
Kept us safe
Inspired us to be better
Connected us with our communities

The caves and campfires may be gone
Replaced with media and social media
Yet our stories remain
In our hearts and in our minds
As we each forge our own wayiPhone2


See stories of nature and beauty in

Wild & Wise

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