Story Shop

You have a story. Everyone does.

You have numerous stories, of your life’s experiences and your adventures and your feelings.

We use stories to communicate our experiences and feelings with others. We use stories to connect with others, to make our feelings or knowledge known, to help others, to profit from as a business or enterprise. We use stories to persuade others to our way of thinking.

Jokes are often stories in miniature. And stories are much like jokes: You can have a great one, but if you don’t tell it well …

It won’t connect. Your story won’t persuade or profit for you.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all told good jokes poorly and have failed to make a lasting impression with a great story.

There are ways to make those connections and make them strong through storytelling. You can learn and hone this ability.

You can learn the science behind effective storytelling to connect with others and persuade. Becoming a good storyteller really will change your life.

Are you ready to learn more? Are you ready for your story to be told?

Are you ready to speak your truth?

Story Workshops are coming soon!

Since the days we first harnessed fire
Stories have informed and entertained us
Kept us safe
Inspired us to be better
Connected us with our communities

The caves and campfires may be gone
Replaced with media and social media
Yet our stories remain
In our hearts and in our minds
As we each forge our own way

Tell your business’ story


Read a sample from

The Really Good Life:

Misadventures in luxury and the success stories that somehow resulted.

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