The Really Good Life

Steven Castle

I have long sought the meaning of success—and how storytelling links to it.

A degree in magazine journalism taught me some storytelling basics. Finding myself soon after pushing shopping carts and bagging groceries instead of working in my field fueled a fire for success. Just a few years later, I was hanging out with millionaires and billionaires and writing about the lives of wealthy people.

Writing and editing a luxury magazine provided me with some incredible experiences, from racing exotic cars to traveling first class to piloting airplanes and skiing off cliffs. I am blessed by the many experiences I have enjoyed—and the valuable lessons and life hacks I have gleaned from them.

I have learned a lot of what success is, and what it isn’t. These insights will surprise you. They may also inspire you.

I still learn from these lessons today. I continue to study how storytelling breeds success—and how success requires effective storytelling.

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The Tao of Bad Tennis
Illustration: IBIS Design/Robb Report

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