Right to Vote?

Version 3Please enjoy this Cloud Spangled Banner, as you consider your right to vote.

Many of us don’t exercise this right. Yet voting is our democratic right as citizens, no matter the country you may vote in, or the city, state or town you vote in.

Your vote is what democracy is all about.

Moreover, your vote exercises leadership in a democracy. It is used to select our public servants, and to empower them to lead.

I know, many of our “leaders” aren’t very good leaders at all. That’s another good reason to vote.

Good leaders don’t just exercise power, they empower and inspire others.

Your vote empowers others to lead. More importantly, it empowers YOU.

That’s democracy.

If we don’t exercise our democratic right to vote, our democracy can blow away like wisps of clouds in the sunset.

Cloud Spangled Banner, taken over Chesapeake Bay, Oct. 29, 2018.


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Steven Castle

Writer, photographer and storyteller. Author of The Really Good Life. Nature buff.

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