Viva la Verve, in Writing and Life

Verve: vigor and spirit or enthusiasm

Verve is from the French verb for “vigor,” an earlier meaning was “a form of expression.”

Synonyms include enthusiasm, pep, elan, zest, sparkle, brio, gusto, passion and zeal, among others.

Live with verve, and you will live with action and purpose. You will live with doing and creating—even if you’re just lying and thinking and resting.

Rest with gusto. Give yourself that.

Bring energy, enthusiasm and passion—as well as your own authentic style—to your work and life, and you will live with verve.

Verve can come in many ways: in writing, in creating, and in many other areas of life. Just look at its dynamic range of its synonyms. Live and write your story in the active voice, add twists and your own style, clear the clutter in your house, in your charisma. And you will have verve.

Verve comes from verbs—strong verbs. People should never “run away.” They scatter. They scram. They skedaddle. Stronger verbs like these create more powerful imagery, they paint pictures in others’ minds. They help you connect and bond.

Live your life with stronger verbs, add them like zest to your work, your hobbies and art. Verve infuses your life with love. Verve spices your stories with your unique flavor.

Bring your own verve: BYOV. Bring your own brand of zest and brio and passion, and you will prosper. You will have charisma. You will live your life, and live it fulfilled.

Viva la Verve!

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Steven Castle

Writer, photographer and storyteller. Author of The Really Good Life. Nature buff.

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