Life Hack: Live in the Active Voice

Be active. Stay active.

You’ve heard these ultimate life hacks. Keep your body moving, and your muscles and joints remain supple and less prone to injury, obesity, and disease. Yet the action maxims apply to many areas of our lives, our crafts and our passions.

I find myself much more energized and productive when I exercise, whether it’s a walk, or jog, or raking leaves. The warming endorphins surge and calm and encourage. They invigorate. I bring more energy and action to my tasks. I am more confident and creative,

You don’t have to be older to have reason to stay active. Careerists both young and more experienced need to stay active and constantly learn new skills in their work. They must also remain pro-active about conversing with customers, clients and their

Stay active, even when you’re not.

Even when you’re lying down, you can be active by relaxing. Let you mind relax and wander and it will make connections to help you think and solve problems.

Action Fuels Passion

Writers are encouraged to write in the active voice. Active voice uses simple noun-verb constructions, while a passive voice inserts the verb “to be”—as in “Johnny is running.”

No one is ever running.

“Johnny runs.” Johnny ran. Johnny jogs. Johnny endured a marathon. Johnny shows action.

Active voice shows action. It also allows you to trim the excess wording that can clutter writing.

Live in the active voice, and your action fuels your passions. Your chore becomes a craft and your craft becomes an art. This also helps remove the clutter in our lives and focus us on what is most important.

If we strive to be active and direct in whatever we do, we will live simpler, we will remove the clutter, we will feel better, and we will live far more fulfilling lives.

Let action fuel your passion.

And live in the active voice.

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Steven Castle

Writer, photographer and storyteller. Author of The Really Good Life. Nature buff.

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