Adventures in Writing & Life

I had a wonderful time last Saturday giving a presentation on “Making Your Writing Exciting” to Toastmasters at the District 31 conference in Randolph.

We had a nice conversation with a great audience who were eager for knowledge to hone their presentation skills.

I say conversation, because that’s what it should be. Who wants to hear a lecture, or one on writing, no less? Boring!

“Making Your Writing Exciting” is about expressing yourself. It’s about caring deeply about your topic and even more importantly, caring deeply that your audience comes away with a clear understanding of it. It’s about crafting your communications skills not necessarily with precision, but with love. It’s about understanding how clarity and stories deliver our messages and bond us.

I learned a lot as well. I received some positive feedback for the session. Yet I know I didn’t hit all of my marks. I need to work on improving my delivery, connecting more deeply with my audience, and remembering key lines that I missed! In sports terms, I left some points on the table.

That’s OK, because the next time I will be even better.

I’ll be exploring writing and life on this blog, and interweaving them. Because they are.

We all have stories and we all have stories to tell. We don’t need to be writers to do that. Writers seek adventures to inspire them. Adventures only come from life.

I hope you can join me on this journey.

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Steven Castle

Writer, editor and storyteller. Author of The Really Good Life. Nature photographer.

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