The Story of this Story Blog

I started this blog to explore the power of storytelling and share what I am working on in storytelling.

I have been a writer and editor for 30 years. I have been writing stories for that long. But I did not consider myself a storyteller. Despite all of the stories I had written.

To help my public speaking, several years ago I started attending my local Toastmasters meetings. I knew Toastmasters would teach me skills to be a better speaker, but what I also learned surprised me: the power of storytelling.

Go ahead: Tell a compelling story in five minutes. Tell a funny story. Tell an inspiring story.

Click on the link to go to the Toastmasters International site.

Toastmasters and competing in speech contests helps me be a better writer, which helps me be a better speaker. It’s a nice feedback loop. I have become obsessed with the power of story, which I will also chronicle on this blog and web site.

A couple of years ago the media teacher at our local high school asked me to come by and tell her class about experiences in journalism. I told them a story from my newspaper days. I told them about hearing from a rookie (cub) reporter that a couple she profiled in a feature about raising their autistic child told them several people that grew up in their neighborhood also had autistic children. Reports had just come out about a plastics plant polluting that area with chemical waste. We assigned the cub reporter to work with a veteran, and we stressed to them not to assume a connection existed, but to see if one was there. They won press awards for their efforts.

The class liked hearing stories, not lectures.

And I realized: I have other stories like these — that have life lessons. I have many stories about my misadventures learning the high-end luxury market, and how this average guy stumbled his way through the world of wealth and somehow managed enjoy some accidental successes. The e-book that has taken form is called The Really Good Life.

I invite you to read some of these excerpts as I post them, and let me know what you think.

I will update this blog with information I have collected on storytelling, writing, and short-form stories, paired with my nature photography.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think! In comments or by email.

Really Good Life StoryIntensiveTennis

Hello, Opportunity!

Dare to be different, and you will serve up success.

Intensive lessons in the Tao of Bad Tennis, and learning to position yourself for success.


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Steven Castle

Writer, editor and storyteller. Author of The Really Good Life. Nature photographer.

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